My store is set up through Big Cartel. You can view other artist's stores in the directory here.

I get my digital printing done at Wade Cansel. I wanted to give them a shout out since they were very friendly, professional, and did a great job working with me to have my work look just right.

If you know me and/or are local, I will also take orders by email (this will save on shipping if you live in the area).

I typically ship through Canada Post. Where possible I will provide a tracking number on your shipment. If your shipment does not arrive or if the items get damaged during shipping please email me {amgcoates @} and I will work with you to replace the items. Baring any un-for-seen circumstances I will respond to all customer service inquiries within 3 business days.

iscream press has a tumblr with announcements about projects and products that I have for sale, as well as behind the scenes looks at how work gets made. 

I've just launched my very first art book called Longing for Head, which is available for purchase through Blurb Books. It is a combination of drawing and photography centered around the lives of female mannequins. You can purchase a PDF of the book on Gumroad for $5. 

I have a Facebook Artist Page! The page is public, so you can follow along by bookmarking, even if you don't have a Facebook Account. Like me on Facebook to get updates on all projects and sneak previews of the work I'm making. The iscream press photo album has larger photos of my items for sale here, as well as work in progress shots, and photos from events I attend.  

You can also follow me online:
Blog (general art/life talk)
Tumblr (custom Hello Kitty sculpture project)
Twitter (updates on all sites/events)
Flickr (flying blind series)
@Play (toy collection blog)
Instagram (general and art foibles)
Pinterest (things I'm into, want, am inspired by, make) 

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